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Animal Sudoku - Straight from the animal kingdom! Try this version of Sudoku by following the way of the footprints. Your score gets lower as time runs out, so think fast! The game has three game modes and hundreds of puzzles to play.

Animation Puzzle - Arrange the tiles so that the view of the animation becomes correct.

Arithmetiles - Crack the equation in this great math puzzle game.

Art Thief - By day you are a corporate raider, by night you are the most feared art thief in the world, the "Specter". Your new weaponó a highly advanced electronic alarm-sniffer that you use to steal priceless works of art and sell them on the black market.

Arrows - Try to swap the two colours in this timed puzzle game, which is also known as Lucas' problem.

Ball in a Labyrinth - Use your mouse to tilt the box at different angles to move the ball to the red star. But watch out for the holes!

Beach Bum Jigsaw Puzzle - Race against the clock and other internet puzzle masters as you try to piece together the Beach Bum. Be fast and don't get sunburned!

Bridge Crossing Logic Puzzle - See if you can solve this classic logic puzzle.

Casino Jigsaw Puzzle - Race against the clock and other internet puzzle masters as you try to put together a picture of a Casino as quickly as possible.

Clueless Crossword - Can you solve the crossword without using clues?

Code Breaking - Break the secret codes and reveal the hidden message.

Coin Weighing Logic Puzzle Game - Play the role of an ancient wise man finding the fake coin for the kings.

Crate Man Jr. Puzzle Game - Help Curtis the Crate Man reach the red crates in each room.

Crossword Puzzle - The crossword is relatively easy in comparison to most crosswords you'll find (still a challenge!), and is randomly generated every time you refresh the page.

Doof Sudoku - Arrange the numbers so that they appear only once on each row, diagonal row and column.

Four Piece Tangram Puzzle - This ancient and simple puzzle game tests your creative thinking abilities.

Hourglass Problem - An excellent brain teasing logic puzzle.

Hypersudoku - Play sudoku with overlapping regions!

Jigsaw Puzzle - Construct a picture from the pieces provided.

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle Game - Play Sudoku with randomly shaped groups.

Jungle Jean Puzzle Game - Help Jungle Jean reach the trapped chimpanzee in each puzzle room.

Killer Sudoku - Play the classic puzzle game of Killer Sudoku.

Little Mess - In this game, you need to clean up the mess by arranging the dots so that the lines do not cross.

Matchstick Puzzle Game - Solve matchstick puzzles as quickly as you can. Be careful, it is not as easy as it looks.

Nonogram - Can you solve the mysteries and recreate the picture in this ancient puzzle game?

Palace Guard Jigsaw - Be the fastest on the Internet as you put together the Palace Guards.

Peg Solitaire - Jump as many pegs as possible on the board.

Penguin Families - This online game plays out an old (but good) logic problem. See if you can solve it. If you're ready to give up, click the "tips" link and you'll be given the solution to the puzzle.

Picture Puzzle - Recreate a picture using sliding tiles in this puzzle game.

Roman Coliseum Jigsaw - Put together the Coliseum faster then anyone else on the Internet.

Rotate Puzzle - Rotate the tiles to restore the picture!

Rubik's Cube - Can you finish a Rubik's Cube?

Rush Hour - A logic game involving cars & trucks.

Saw IV - Trapped - "Trapped" turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience filled with a shockingly sadistic challenge. Your goal: free Jigsaw's two prisoners from captivity by placing the right item in the right room in the right order. WARNING: May not be suitable for children.

Seesaw Logic - An excellent brain game! Determine which item is heaviest in each level. The game starts out easy but gets progressively more difficult.

Shape Inlay online visual-spatial logic game - Fill up the shape with the tiles as quickly as you can. This game will definitely exercise your visual-spatial and logical thinking skills!

Sliding Block Puzzle - Can you move the red piece out of the frame?

Sudoku Puzzle Game - You are given a different sudoku puzzle each time you play this online game!

Swap - Swap the two colours in this untimed logic puzzle. This game dates back to Victorian Times.

The Three Bags - Can you label the three bags correctly just by looking at one item in one bag? Click "tips" in the game for the key to always getting the right answer in this logic game.

Tower of Hanoi Logic Puzzle Game - Use logic to move rings from one pole to another.

Trouble Underground - Help the mole & worm reach the exit in this online logic game.

Water Jars - An excellent logic brain teaser... as a game!

XRaye Puzzle Game - The first 3 levels are easy, but then you have to really start using your noggin...

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