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25 Things You'd Love to Say at Work - Hilarious!

Crazy Auto Claims (funny!) - We don't know if all of these statements by people who were involved in auto accidents were actually made, but they are (in a scary way) hilarious.

Dancing Hillary - Check out Hillary's moves!

Doggie Love - WARNING: This little cartoon is a bit gross!

Give George W. Bush a Brain! - Like him or not, you have to admit that "W" has said some funny things... play this free game and try to drop brains into his head. Each time you succeed, he gives you one of his classic statements (also known as Bushisms)!

Hillary vs. Obama - It's party politics gone wild! Help out Hillary or Obama by clicking your mouse repeatedly to knock one of the candidates out of the race. The faster you click, the more punches you throw!

It's Good to be a Woman - 15 reasons why it's good to be a woman. NOTE: This is PG-rated humor.

Random Excuse Machine - Need a good excuse, but can't think of one? Use our machine to generate one on the fly!

Snap Attack - Snap your boss and co-workers with your super-snap rubber bands!

Tax Smack - Taxes stressing you out? Feel better by smacking around our virtual accountant. The more he takes out of your pocket the better you will feel after a good throwdown. WARNING: May not be suitable for kids.

Things Seen on a Bumper... Some funny stuff from bumper stickers is copied here. WARNING: May not be suitable for kids.

Toddler's Miracle Diet Plan (funny) - Now you'll see why small children are thin!

Wacko Jacko's Voodoo Curse - According to an issue of Vanity Fair, Michael Jackson paid an African "witch doctor" $150,000 to place a curse on 25 of his enemies--including David Geffen and Steven Spielberg. This is a fun parody of these reports in the new game - Voodoo Curse.

Wake the Clown - This clown has been sent to make you feel better, but first you must wake him up. NOTE: May be unsuitable for young ones when you use the BOMB to wake him.

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