Brain Games

Arithmetic Game - Find the right numbers to solve the equations as fast as you can.

Balls and Boxes Memory Game - Use your memory and put the balls back into their original boxes.

Blind Spot Visual Memory Game - Test your visual memory by trying to remember where objects are before they disappear.

Chinese Zodiac / Chinese Astrology - Find out what your Chinese zodiac sign is, and learn more about yourself.

Count the Cubes - Test your 3-dimensional reasoning abilities as you race against the clock!

Da' Numba - Welcome to the world of Da' Numba where a quick eye and a sharp mind will get you very far! You don’t need a CPA to score big with this game, just add, subtract and react to the falling tiles. Sure gives a new meaning to number crunching.

Drum Beats - Repeat the drum beats played by the computer. Memory as well as timing are essential!

The Eight Queens - Put the 8 queens on the chess board without the queens capturing each other.

Eyesight Challenge - See how quickly you can find all of the items in the picture!

Flip It - Play this challenging mind game!

Greedy Knight - Move the chess knight to collect the coins, and then back to his starting position.

IQ Test Game - A timed game in which you must choose the object that does not belong. This 20 question game is different each time, and is not as easy as you might think!

Knight Switch - Challenge your mind with this simple and yet difficult game. It has 5 levels.

Lightning Speed Reaction Time Game - Play this addictive little game to test your reaction time!

Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt - The Lindt & Sprüngli's iconic Gold Bunny is on the loose! Search several U.S. cities to find the Gold Bunny and unlock trivia questions about chocolate and the cities you visit.

Make 24 - An excellent mathematical brain game. Make 24 out of 4 cards using arithemtic signs and brackets.

Math Search - Traditional word search game in a brand new mathematics context. Solve the equation and search for the answer.

Memory Game - Test your memory by playing this matching game.

Memory Game II - Play this memory game online to test your short term memory ability.

Memory Game III - Memorize patterns of colors in this short term memory test game.

Memory Game IV - Memorize and then repeat sequences of random objects. Begins easy but gets hard very fast!

The MindBender - It can read your mind! Don't believe it? Give it a try.

Moon Cakes - Test your reaction time, judgment and speed in this exciting brain game.

Moving Memory - A highly unique memory game!

Musical Notes - Test your knowledge of musical notes with this game.

Music Memory - This challenging game tests not only your memory but also your musical talent!

The New One - Determine which object is new at each stage of this memory game. Starts easy and eventually becomes very difficult!

Number Balls - Click the balls in ascending order as quickly as possible. The game increases in difficulty fast, and you are always racing against the clock!

Numberzerk - Put your mathematic skills to the test in this game of pick and choose. Quickly create crazy tile combos to match the Numberzerk and make the tiles disappear. Keep your addition wheels turning or the tiles will stack too high and you'll lose a life!

Path Memory - Test your memory by trying to reconstruct the path going from house to house that you are shown. Starts out easy but eventually gets INSANELY difficult.

Pattern Memory online game - Exercise your brain by memorizing patterns and then trying to reproduce them.

Pic-N-Pair (Dogs) - Match up the dog breeds and names in under two minutes.

Pic-N-Pair (People) - Race against the clock as you try to match as many correct pairs as possible.

Pic-N-Pair (World Capitals) - Race to match the capitals with the correct countries.

Quick Math - Test your reaction time and judgement by filling in math symbols as quickly as possible.

Scene Memory - Test your memory! See if you can spot the differences between the scenes you are shown.

Score a Million Jr. Free Online Trivia Arcade Game - Challenge yourself with this exciting trivia game.

Sequence Memory Game - You are shown a sequence of numbers and given a few seconds to memorize them and then type them in. The game begins easy but the sequences get long very quickly. See how strong your sequential memory is!

Shuck & Jive - The original 'shell' game. This game has is origins in the ancient city of Atlantis where the locals would observe crabs participating in an unusual ritual. Can you beat the 'Master' crab at his own game?

Spot the Difference - Find the 10 differences between the 2 pictures as fast as possible.

Stained Glass - Put the tiles on the frame so that the colors of the touching sides of the tiles are the same.

Trivia Quiz #1 (easy trivia) - Test your basic knowledge. The only drawback is that you have to start over if you miss a question.

Trivia Quiz #2 (easy & medium trivia) - Test your basic knowledge. A bit tougher than Quiz #1.

Trivia Quiz #3 (medium trivia) - Test your general knowledge.

Trivia Quiz #4 (hard trivia) - Test your general knowledge.

World Capitals Quiz - Do you know the capital of each country?

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