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3 Foot Ninja - Help the little ninja defeat enemies and collect all the scrolls.

3 Foot Ninja II - The Princess has been kidnapped! Defeat the evil minions to save her!

Air Invaders - Just like most homes, this one is full of all kinds of pollutants and air-borne Baddies. Help Dave destroy the Baddies with his Clean Air Machine before time runs out and advance to the next round.

Akita Kanto Festival - Balance a large array of lanterns with your head in this traditional Japanese festival.

Alien Abduction - Abduct people and objects and drop them into the mother ship!

Alien Attack - Defend your Mars base and defeat enemy ships while your people try to escape. Don't shoot your own ships (blue) and avoid enemy hits. Good luck!

Ant Run Pro Jr. - Keep your ant on the move as you rotate tunnels.

BADABOOM - Get ready for some explosive fun! See how many pieces you can clear before the time runs out! Awesome SFX, colorful explosions, new trix, and a rotating game board that cause the game pieces to tumble around make this game a real blast.

Balloons - Use darts to pop as many balloons as possible!

Beat the 3PM Slump - It's 2:59 and the 3PM Slump is about to descend upon the office to drain you of all energy, focus and motivation. Worse yet, your boss has scheduled your performance review for 3:15 PM. At long last, here's your chance to Beat the 3PM Slump head-on, and sail through the rest of your afternoon.

Berry Brawl - Ready…aim…fire…SPLAT! Get in on the messy action with Berry Brawl, the multiplayer game filled with berry bashing fun! Use your dodging and throwing skills to fight it out in funky landscapes — a gritty metropolis, a steamy jungle, or a treacherous mountain range. Last team standing wins the game!

Big Tut - Here's your chance to explore Big Tut's Tomb! Advance using your wits to complete ancient hieroglyphics before the timer runs out. Use dynamite and other tricks to get out of jams and uncover Tut's treasures. But watch out for Big Tut's ghost - he wants his treasure back!

Blow Stuff Up With Your Mind! - Talk about mind control! Help Freaky Student blow stuff up with his mind!

Bouncing Balls - Shoot the bouncing balls to destroy them all.

Bricks Breaking - Remove groups of bricks of the same colour until they are all gone.

Bricks Breaking II - Remove groups of bricks of the same colour until they are all gone. Bricks II forces you to race against the clock as the level of bricks rise, and requires you to match 3 or more bricks at a time.

Carnival Jackpot - Breakout your beads and step up to see how lucky you are! Carnival Jackpot brings you the thrill of a casino without having to leave your desk (this game is just for fun - it is NOT real gambling!).

Carnival Jackpot EXTREME - Awesome new 3D graphics, exciting new animations, personal scoreboards, save game feature and a huge full screen game play make this game more fun than ever (this game is just for fun - it is NOT real gambling!).

Charlie's Angels Codebreaker - Your mission is to prove that you have what it takes to get past the ultimate security system. You are faced with walls of code blocks, which you must break through. Clear them all and you are one step closer to gaining full access to the main computer system and the secrets it holds.

Crazy CAT Scan - Hey, how'd that sock get in there?! People can swallow the weirdest things, and it's your job to spot them in this game of observation. Keep your eyes peeled as the scanner moves over your patient and see if you can identify things like screws, coins and clothespins in each round.

Crazy Taxi - Drive as fast as you can and jump over cars!

Cup Stacking Game - Use both hands and your ten fingers to type the keys and stack the cups. This game is absolutely addictive!

CyberSpaceWar - Your mission is to destroy 20 control satellites to "save the world, and make yourself infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex." If only it were that easy...

Desk Drop Jr. - Match the falling objects and elimate the rows.

Diego Smart - You're Diego Smart, a photojournalist with an assignment to capture photographic evidence of legendary artifacts. Your journey takes you to the heart of the ancient ruins, which the locals say are guarded by mysterious creatures and spirits. Is it folklore or can their stories be true?

Dog Bones - Can you help Rover find his 5 bones?

Double Snake Game - Move the snake around to eat the red ball. Too easy? Set the speed higher AND add a second snake.

Elf Push - Push your Red Elves to the bottom of the board before the computer.

E-Racer - How can you get skilled on the b-boards? Play the #1 certified erasin' sim-u-lation game, E-RACER!

Extraction Reaction - Test your hand-eye coordination in this game of surgical precision. Maneuver the mystery marble through the body with a pair of forceps, but watch out for any vital organs or walls! You only get three chances to extract the marble safely, before it’s game over for you and the patient.

Flaps Jr. - Flip the marbles into their proper slots.

Flying Kiwi - Help the kiwi birds fly by landing them on a seesaw. Get them high enough to catch stars, which are used to power up an engine.

Free Ride - Buckle up as you take off on a cross country trip to the hottest music festival of the year. The problem is, finals kept you on campus longer than you expected and now you have to book it to make it to the coliseum before the show starts. Use your paintball blaster to take care of the rival school bullies who are out to stop you from making it to the show.

Granny's Garden - Grab a gun and head out to the garden to help Granny battle it out against an army of frogs dropping from the sky. Be careful not to touch these slimy creatures, or they will have her crying out "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Harvey Wallbanger - You're Harvey Wallbanger, the hottest dude to hit the disco scene. Show everyone what you have as you move across the dance floor, movin’ and grooving your way into the Private Back Room. This game features awesome 3D graphics, over 100 dance clubs and enough trix to make Michael Jackson moonwalk!

Helicopter Pilot - Very difficult. Hold your left mouse button down to go up, and release it to go down.

The Innards - Ohhh gross! What is that floating through your intestines? Be an amoeba and absorb blood cells to remain healthy! Pick up capsules of medicine to grow and move faster, but avoid the infected cells to survive!

Jumping Arrows - Jump and jump as quickly as possible to get the treasure! How fast can you press and react?

Kung Fu Quest - In life there is love... in battle there is only honor. The quest begins!

L.A. Stevenson and the Amazon Idol - Fly around using your rocket pack picking up treasure while avoiding monsters, pillars and traps!

Lotro 25 Lottery Game - Guess the right numbers and get onto the Top 10 Internet Scoreboard.

Lucky Clover - Find four leaf clovers and have good luck!

Magnets - Destroy magnets by linking 3 together.

Mars Lander - Land the spaceship safely on Mars.

Meatball Madness - Welcome to Marco's Pasta Place! Marco, a former soccer kicking legend was forced to retire due to a severe injury received during a freak accident while performing with the circus, (Don't mention of the word "elephant"). Marco still loves to entertain customers with his amazing kicking skills and sometimes encourages customers to give it a try. Keep Marco's spicy meatballs from falling on the floor by kicking them in the air.

Mouse and Cat Game - Help the little mouse escape from the cat and the water.

Mouse Trap - Try to trap the mouse by walling him in using pillars.

Mower Mayhem - Turf Terror? Land Scraper? Silver Shredder? Pick your mower of choice, ride like the wind, avoid the tree stumps, and make it to the Ultimate Garage with your monster mower in no time!

Ms. Match - Are you a girlfriend, tomboy, vixen, maverick, or genius? Whatever your style, Ms. Match will fit any style. Take some time from your busy day and enjoy a break.

Nibbly - You are a worm eating apples. The more you eat, the longer you get, and you have to figure out the best way to get the rest of the apples without getting trapped. Funky.

Office Invaders - It's time to work your way up the corporate ladder! Buckle down to reach the 20th floor Executive Suite and claim your rightful place in the corporation. Fire rubber bands at those enemy Office Invaders to steal the show!

Parking Mania - Try to park the cars without crashing them!

Pengapop - A crazy game where you control Frank, the leader of a Platoon of Penguin Pengapoppers in their quest for tasty treasures.

Power Panacea - Keep the medical supplies on hand in this game of matching. Make as many three-item matches as you can, and rack up the points as you power through the levels of pills, bandages and other first aid needs.

Raku Jr. - Flip all the tiles back to blue in as few moves as possible.

Rambo: The Fight Continues - In a remote jungle in Burma, John Rambo faces a new mission: Protect innocent villagers from a band of bloodthirsty soldiers. Now you must step into Rambo's boots and fight off waves of attackers!

Raptor's Revenge - The Cylon Raiders have surrounded your Colonial Raptor, and your frakkin laser cannons are empty. Time to go nuclear!

Road Trip - Race along the roads as long as you can by rotating the roadways.

Robix - Get your 10 marbles to the bottom before the computer.

SAVE - Save civilians from a war in this online strategy game!

The Shell Game - Guess which cup the ball is under.

Space Run Game - Avoid the meteors while you pick up the floating Calorie Kids.

Space Shooter Game - Play this simple shooting game to pass the time.

Spider Web - Capture bees with your web. Somewhat like the classic arcade game Qix.

Splash Blast - Splash in on the fun with Shamu and Seymour the sea lion! You get to play as Seymour as you use your nose to aim and shoot colorful balls into the air, trying to match three of a kind before they all fall down. With Shamu by your side supplying the balls, you’ll blast through the fun!

Stake Out! - Catch the criminals to make arrests!

Staries - Destroy stars by creating groups of 3.

Stress Relief Paintball - Shoot the smiley faces around the office with your paintball gun to score points!

Sub Bump - Help pilot the Sub Bump through the cave of doom, far below in the depths of the ocean. Avoid hitting the walls and stalactite ceilings. Use your space bar to make your sub buoyant and release to drop. Gain points for getting as far as you can through the tunnel. Can you reach the end?

Taco Fu - Become a Taco Fu Master in this ultimate food fight. The hungry luchadores are trying to steal your food and it's up to you to protect the tacos, nachos, and other tasty snacks from them and their dangerous flying sporks.

Topsy Turvy - A game of quick thinking where players must clear the game board full of colorful game pieces before time runs out. This game has a real twist.

Treat It Or Eat It - Is it a yummy treat or nasty condition? Find out if you can really tell the difference in this fun game where you get to decide whether the picture is of a tasty snack or something much worse. The squeamish better beware – you may be surprised by what your favorite snacks look like up close!

TV Nuts - The Humbolts are small in size but big in their love of television. Every time they watch their favorite channels, they find themselves in a game where they must catch prizes falling from the sky. Be a big friend and help this little family grab the goods! Even the family dog gets to join in the fun.

Twins - Match twin balls of the same colour using a line. It's a race against time!

Typing Monster - Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster!

Wastem - The aim is to shoot all the red glass balls and remain above the target.

Wedding Bouquets Game - Catch wedding bouquets and BOMBS before they hit the ground.

White House Joust 2008 - Hail to the chief! In White House Joust 2008, you control your favorite presidential candidate in an action-packed airborne battle. Your goal: burst the balloons of your fellow party members high above the sun-soaked sands of Myrtle Beach.

Wizard Balls - Use magic to break up and destroy the bouncing balls before they crush you. This game gets tough fast!

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